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Member's E-Mail ADDRESSES

Below is a list of our lodge members and their email addresses. Unless otherwise requested, all addresses will be lodge email addresses. To receive your lodge member email address please click the link above entitled, "Request Email Acct."


If you would like to list your personal email address here, please send an email request to: webmaster@sunsetlodge915.com (Please be sure to include your Name and a valid email address.)

Webmaster Webmaster webmaster@sunsetlodge915.com
Kent Gott Master gottsit@aol.com
Perry Strader Senior Warden perry2928@att.net
Michael Ashley Junior Warden/PM mla5169@yahoo.com
Dwayne Holthouser Treasurer/PM dholthouser@gmail.com
Lou Flamm Secretary/PM rivrct@bellsouth.net
Robert (Robbie) Wilson Chaplain william.wilson6483@gmail.com
Jeff Hale Senior Deacon jahaleusmc@gmail.com
Charles Strothman Junior Deacon strothmanc@twc.com
Mike Teagardner Senior Steward Teagardner@Mail.com
Kenny Holthouser Junior Steward
Marty Hale Tiler jmhale@windstream.net
Neil J. Alioto Member alioto007@aol.com
Wayne Anderson Member mybostongal@aol.com
Larry Ash Member lashsr@bellsouth.net
Kevin Bartley Member kevinbartley1@att.net
John R. Carter Member carter@duo-country.com
Tony Carrano Member/PM ajcarrano@hotmail.com
Bill Conkin Member/ PM billconkin@hotmail.com
Dale Daugherty Member drdwolfe@bellsouth.net
Brian Denton Member neogreen82@yahoo.com
Charles G. Dobson Member cgd2828@bellsouth.net
Norman Dodds Member normdodd@yahoo.com
Danny Duvall Member/PM dannydduvall@aol.com
Jack Emmert Member jacknjanelle@windstream.net
Rick Estes Member/PM theplow@htn.net
Bob Frye Member/PM bobfrye@windstream.net
Larry Gittings Member gittingsl@bellsouth.net
John Gognat Jr. Member/PM Gognatjr@aol.com
Tom Gosling Member tomgosling@insightbb.com
Joe Graves Member/PM josephtgraves@bellsouth.net
Burt L Gray Member aasuredtowing1@aol.com
Guy S.R. Gray Member ggray72@yahoo.com
Eddie R. Grimes Member /PM eddiegrimes@insightbb.com
Cecil Earl Hardin Member/PM cabinhil@insightbb.com
Ken Holthouser Member hlincoln94@aol.com
Joseph L. Horan Member jlhoran1@comcast.net
Tom Howard Member bluegrassromeo@yahoo.com
Ray Jarred Member/PM jarredr@bellsouth.net
Damian A Kunkel Member damian6@gmail.com
Stanley T. Kurtz, Jr. Tyler Emeritus stanley.kurtz01@insightbb.com
Darrell Layman Member darrelljlayman316@hotmail.com
Kevin Lusby Member kevinhd@aol.com
Norman Madden Member norman3450@att.net
Coulter Marvel Member cmarveliii@aol.com
Mark McGaha Member/PM goseejudyandmark@yahoo.com
Robert McKinstry Member (EA) remlemck@aol.com
P. Melvin Mullins Member/PM melmullins@insightbb.com
Michael A. Mullins Member/PM michaelmullins@insightbb.com
Kenneth Nichols Member nostalgic1@att.net
Walt Oster Member w.oster@insightbb.com
David L. Packard Member david.packard@sci-us.com
Ken Petty Member/PM kpetty@aol.com
William I. Petty Member/PM billpet@aol.com
Ray L. Presley Member/PM rpresley44@att.net
Mark Putt Member P/M philputty@bellsouth.net
Eric Redman Member/PM eredman@insightbbb.com
Orvill  (JR) Riggs. Jr. Member jr2015@att.net
Ronald L. Robinson Member (EA) ron0802807@yahoo.com
Cecil Romans Member clarkmotel@aol.com
Pat Roseberry Member patroseberry1947@aol.com
Jim Rucccio Member/PM jruccio@bbtel.com
Michael Santise Member  mickeyny75@yahoo.com
Michael E. Smith Member msmith55@insightbb.com
Samuel D. Smith Member samds@mindspring.com
Ben A. Steffen Member brainchigger325390@yahoo.com
Paul A. Stillwell Member (FC) kywcat326@aol.com
Bob Stringer Member lostnth50s@bellsouth.net
Ron Stuart Member n4aaf@juno.com
Don Torrance Member wa4agf@bellsouth.net
Norman W. Wemes Member Ln1900@aol.com
Spark Wiggington Member sparkwigg@yahoo.com
Donald L. Wolfe Member dlwmaddog@aol.com
John F. Zettler Member/PM johnfz77@hotmail.com
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