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How Sunset LODGE Got Its Name

From the very beginning, even before Sunset was instituted under dispensation, the charter members knew they would be sponsoring an Eastern Star Chapter. While not one hundred percent certain, we are pretty well convinced, through our investigations, that Brother Charles F. Cuzner’s father was a minister and he may have had an influence in the naming of Sunset Lodge.

The original charter members, all regular church going men of Methodist, Episcopal, and Baptist backgrounds grew up singing the songs from their hymn books while attending Sunday services.

One of the hymns that was very popular was “Sunset and Evening Star” aka "Crossing the Bar". The charter members discussed the naming of their lodge as “Sunset” and corroborated with the ladies who were forming the Eastern Star Chapter by naming it “Evening Star.”

This hymn has continued its popularity even today and can be found in “The Service At The Grave” in your Kentucky Monitor.

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